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Heat Distortion in Giants


So in the grand tradition of video games we’re going to have a fire Giant. The basic art looks great and adding some spinny particle effects (props to Gabby our UI/Particles guru) makes it even better.


There are a couple of things that could make it better. One of the classics would be adding in some heat distortion.


That definitely makes the lava pool look pretty hot too but the rest of the giant stands out a bit. The effect we wanted was for some localized hotspots and then the feeling of looking across a baking desert (this guy’s scale is pretty large in comparison with the player character).


The gif format isn’t doing us any favours here but blame file size limits for that. The best part is that since it’s the exact same shader on both the artists get the exact same knobs to fiddle with no matter what.

The neat thing is that the way this works (normal maps) gives you a lot of control over the “feel” of the haze. For example the full screen effect is using perlin noise turned into a normal texture, whereas the “concentrated” haze is a normal map I made out of a greyscale explosion that I was using to test a different effect. Here are some examples along with the images I used to create the normal maps (mostly just greyscale images I had already in the project for other effects).




The Effect (Dev nerds only)

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